About Me

I’m a 33 year old married father of four children, two girls (12 and7) and two boys (10 and 5).  What else would you like to know?  Talking about me has never really been a strong suit of mine.  We’re in debt but we have a plan to get out of debt.

We started our journey to becoming debt free around the middle of May 2007 with our target date to being debt free in July 2009.  Wow that seems a long way off but we’re not trying to win a sprint and instead win the marathon.

This blog was created mainly for me to look back on later in life to see my journey, but also to help keep me moving forward and a place to put my thoughts.  Perhaps along the way I can help others out there, maybe even my kids can look back on this to see what mom and dad did.

If you really want to know more about me well Here and here you go.

This blog is very much a work in progress and I hope to make it a little bit better as I go.


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