Kids can really suprise you sometimes

My daughter is in honor strings this year, one of 30 picked from the entire 6th grade class in the district.  This post isn’t really about that but gives a bit of background.  She goes to a special practice session every Monday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm, while my wife figures out what to do with the other three since I work until 8pm that day.

 This past Monday my wife decided to hang around at the school, doing exactly what I’m not sure.  Catching the kids off guard she decided to get sodas from the convenience store, this really surprised the kids since we’ve done this I think none after beginning our debt reduction.  My wife does home interiors as a side job, not as much with her teaching preschool this year, and happened to have a few extra dollars in her purse. This was used to get the sodas, not affecting our budget at all, but again not what the story is about.

My 10 yr old son offers a quarter (that he found on the playground at school) to his mother to help pay for the sodas.  He could have kept this money for himself, saving to buy something that he wants but instead doesn’t think anything about giving it away to her.  Upon hearing this our 7 yr old and 5 yr old ask mom to go home so that they can get some of their own money to give to help pay for the sodas.

When they do things like that it just makes me want to pay off debt even faster and keeps me motivated.  We have such awesome kids!


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