Examing the cable bill

We’ve been trying to examine some of our expenses.  I started looking at the cable bill several months ago but didn’t really get to into it because I could tell at the time our price plan was the best for us.

Since then it’s become very obvious that our VOIP wasn’t going to be reliable. The problem was the quality of the call mainly but it just got worse until enough was enough.  This helped me become refocused on looking around to see what kind of “deals” I could get.  I believe you need to examine several options before deciding on the one that works best for you.  For us of course cost was going to be taken into account but looking long term was very important.  Since we’ve got four kids then we needed a phone at home but the internet and cable didn’t really matter.  Some will argue that getting rid of the tv would be the best thing, I really can’t argue that, but for now we’ll probably be keeping some form of it.

ATT – The most basic cheap plan was $20, but $10 in taxes kind of killed this deal. It didn’t include any long distance.
  – Next package including some long distance was $30, but also had $10 in taxes.
Comcast – On our current program it was $33 and I didn’t check into what it would be just for it since I knew what our total bundle cost is.
T-Mobile HotSpot – This is $20, but we also had a $10 month additional charge for a third number. In the end we went with this plan because it gave us flexibility to use the phone at home and also take as a cell phone. It shares our family plan minutes but when connected to the wifi in our home (any wife it can connect to) then it had unlimited minutes that didn’t go against our family plan. After a few months I’ll write a review of how it’s working for us.
T-Mobile cell – We could do this option for only $10 a month, adding it to our current plan. It would share our current plan minutes but wouldn’t give us a phone that could function separate from our minutes to be used more a “normal” land line. Initially this was what we were going to get.

There really isn’t an option for us here because we can’t get DSL and only have one cable provider. We actually talked about going back to dial up for about 10 seconds (ok ok 5) but in the end couldn’t get rid of high speed internet for it. I did find out they had a partial high speed internet plan, which was originally quoted to me as $24.95. I soon found out after the next months billing it is $43 without any other service.

We cancelled this with other plans in place. They disconnected our internet and phone instead leaving our cable on, so I called and got my internet but for the time being the cable is still turned on. When I found out about the internet pricing being wrong the best deal they have is partial internet and basic cable for $43. Wow that just happens to be what my current bill is with them so for now this is being left alone.

Decision – Our original bill for all of this was $108 (with taxes); new bills will be roughly $70 for a savings of $35-$40 or $400 a year. The $10 for the additional line wasn’t included; we decided this was something we were going to get regardless. We did have to pay $50 for the hotspot phone but in the long run would save more than spent in the initial cost.  I’ll update this when I get the cable bill to where it should be each month without credits and such.

We continue to examine expenses to look for ways to cut down or make a better long term decision.


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