Necessary evil in setting goals

How do you set goals?  Do you break them down into short term, long term, etc?  Perhaps you list your goals and get to them as you can. I think goal setting is different for everyone.

When we first started this journey the only really goal I had at the time was getting our financial numbers in order.  Once this was done it became important for goal setting to happen.  I tried to set goals that were realistic and attainable, didn’t want to set anything that was being overly dramatic or unattainable.  Life can happen very suddenly in our household of six; as a result I went conservative instead of being very ambitious.

Short term – This is pretty easy since we’ve never done a budget.  Understanding that being perfect isn’t the goal here, instead working together making one and getting all items entered is our main objective.  We’ll being doing this on a day by day plan at first, as that works out dealing with it on a week by week basis until we finally only look at the spending plan on a month by month basis.

Medium term – It took some time to figure out a time frame for this goal, in the end I decided on 4-6 months.  There are a few items in this goal but they either spin off each other or are somewhat small in the big picture.
– Review the spending plans after this amount of time, seeing how we’ve improved and can continue to improve.
– It will be around the end of the year at this time and will be a good time to look towards 2008 expenses. We’ll plan how to accomplish the Christmas fund, personal property tax, birthdays and so much more.
– Learn what has worked and hasn’t worked on our cash envelope and receipt systems.

Long term – I viewed this goal as being out of debt, except the mortgage.  I’ve set this goal for July 2009.

We’ve got other goals as well but these are the main goals that we’ve set, back in June.  I don’t have these set in stone as things can change very quickly but being patient and setting these are part of changing our behavior.  We’ll work hard to accomplish these but starting small first and then getting into bigger goals is what I’m striving for.


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