October recap

On November 1st I wrote When it Goes Right you feel great! That post was written after I went through our October spending plan to find out how awesome we did overall.  Thinking about it over the past few days I really need to look at parts of the budget to find ways we can improve and possibly save money.

Examing our income, utilities and groceries all were about in the area we planned for with no big surprises.  We did end up holding out until the first of November to go on a grocery trip since we had little food and the budget was used up.

– Wife stayed below her allowance in gas money.
– Clothing allowance wasn’t used up this month, meaning we’ll carry it over into next month.
– We had an unexpected problem with the van battery causing us to purchase a new one. The gas budget coming in under expectations helped make this not such an issue, but the biggest reason it didn’t hurt us is because we knew where money was going and could pull cash from other areas to take care of this.

– Eating out wasn’t something we planned for this month but ended up having pizza. We took some blow money to help ease this though.

I feel really good that looking over each individual item the only negative I can find is eating out once in the month.  Another expense we didn’t plan for was a violin equipment piece, however this was found out very early in the month and adjusted to prior to any spending happened.

Result – We see some areas that we can improve, though they weren’t negatives this month.  I’m very proud of where we are since we started this only 5 short months ago.


2 Responses to October recap

  1. Kyle says:

    Well done, it does feel good doesn’t it! Only eating out ONCE the entire month takes some doing and for me would be a positive step. Gas allowance for me is getting high, they say $4 a gallon will be here by end of year. Yikes!

  2. TCF says:

    Gas allowance will be creeping up for me as well. I carpool so that’s helping A LOT!

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