When it Goes Right

You feel great!!!!!!!!!!!

The month wasn’t perfect, in the end having a plan and sticking to it caused us to not blink an eye at the unexpected and just move on.  The plan had extra that would have been toward debt, just having that allowed us to handle real life!

Our oldest daughter has a problem with metal that causes her to break out; she thanks me for that, which meant we bought a piece for her violin that is covered.  This set us back $30.  The Honda also had the battery go out on it setting us back another $90, the money doesn’t upset me it’s the fact the battery only lasted 3 years.

I had some overtime pay this month which really helped but sticking to the plan enabled us to pay extra for debt and Christmas.

$600 payed to debt.
$100 extra for the Christmas fund.

Such an awesome feeling being in control of our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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