Our Debt

     I’ve been debating whether I wanted this information on a blog that others could see, for the past couple months actually.  In the end I decided it really doesn’t matter if anyone sees it, this is mainly for me to keep track of but at the same time would be nice if anyone reads this to see them.  I’m just your average guy with a family (of 6) that is trying to get out of debt and be in control of my money.

Credit Cards       11119.88
Student Loans    5578.31
Vehicle                 13652.47
                Total   30350.66

Notes – All those numbers are from 6-1-07.

Credit Cards – These initially weren’t an issue before I got laid off in 2000, but then we started using them to support ourselves.  Since then it has just been too easy using them for wants instead of practicing better self control.

Student Loans – Pure stupid tax here as I’m not using the education in ways that I got the loans for.  However, I wouldn’t be who I am today with going through the experience.

Vehicle – We bought a new van for the wife and family a few years ago.  This wasn’t the best decision but with some recent bad luck with used cars paying extra for the security was well worth it.  Yes, the value goes down once you drive it off the lot we did think long term in wanting to keep the vehicle until it falls apart.


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