Getting out of debt confession


I realized that I hadn’t been completely honest about why my wife and I are trying to get out of debt.  Yes, we did get on the same page and that has helped a LOT but there is more to it.

For a couple years I would say she has been bringing up going to Disney World with the kids.  After I read a couple books and we started talking about them I asked if she still wanted to do this.  Of course her response was, YES!  Well I think I finally found a way her getting what she wants, Disney Land, and me getting what I want, debt free, could work together.

I said we could go there but it couldn’t be put on any cards and had to be paid for.  She agreed with this, even though initial response was we have to live our life and you never know what tomorrow can bring.  While I agree with that I just couldn’t handle our finances anymore.  This compromise seems to be good for both of us, even though we stumble along the way.

Sometimes finding a motivation idea for each other can really help move things along.


One Response to Getting out of debt confession

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