This is where Dave Ramsey helped me the most.  My wife and I had tried to get out of debt a couple times but the communication just wasn’t there, we talked different languages.

I started calling a budget a spending plan.  Took her hands in mine and told her my feelings about how stressed I was and felt so overwhelmed.  Those two very simple things really turned things around for us.  Sure it was more than that but her having the same feelings and not wanting to be like this forever changed our life.  Only a few short months later I feel like we’re more connected than we’ve ever been and while we aren’t always on the same page there is the willingness to listen and understand that wasn’t there as much before.

The actual spending plan started in June but the talking started in May.  Most of the month of May was just spent getting on the same page and understanding where each of us wanted to be.  I’m the natural nerd between the two of us so I spent the time getting documents and numbers together, she is the free spirit.

Wanting to be out of debt is a changing of behaviour and it took us time to want this.  We’re still in the process of changing and have set backs but overall this is something we both want and can only be accomplished by the two of us working together.


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