Introduction – part 1

Lets see here, my name is Brent, 33, and married to a wonderful wife, Mary.  We’ve got two girls (13 and 7), two boys (10 and 5) along with two dogs (dashound who is about 5 months and a lab mix of something about 3 yrs old) and a cat that I don’t know its age.

We were never really in debt until early in 2000.  We did have some stupid stuff we financed like furniture and cars but for the most part it really wasn’t to much of an issue, but then again we weren’t saving much if anything so I guess we weren’t doing that good.  I lost my job right after the birth of our third child and that is where things started going downhill.  In June I got into a vehicle accident which had to resolved in a lawsuit against the other insurance company that took a while to resolve.  During the unemployment time and accident period we got into debt and just never recovered.

 When we got the settlement I was able to pay off some of the debt but not all of it and it just seemed much easier to keep using the credit cards than not using them.  So between the car, furniture/electronics that was so appealing with the 0%financing and our new found debt it became over whelming.

I tried to get my wife on board with doing a budget a couple years ago off and on but it never took.  This wasn’t her fault as we just weren’t on the same page with what was going on.  She took over the finances for a couple years after my accident due to my not being able to do them.  She isn’t a numbers person and I really think this took its toll on her while I just couldn’t deal with it all during that time.  When I took them back over it was like riding a bike again and took me just a bit to get back into the groove while my wife had a few tons of bricks released from her shoulders.

Anyway I was talking lingo that made no sense to her and I really don’t think either of us were fully ready to get out of debt.  I was getting very stressed as I watched our debt pile and pile and pile.  However I was right along with her on making purchases and charging it to our credit cards.  We would get nice tax returns and use most of it on debt but never stop what we were doing.

More to come later as I’m at work and getting busy while also ready to go home.


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